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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Rhode Island



Rhode Island, often celebrated for its overall safety and picturesque settings, is not exempt from the challenges of urban crime. Despite being one of the safest states in the U.S., there are cities and towns within Rhode Island that exhibit higher crime rates. Here, we delve into five such cities, each with its own unique context and crime statistics, providing a broader understanding of the state’s safety landscape.


Located near the Massachusetts border, Woonsocket stands as the northernmost city in Rhode Island. Home to the corporate headquarters of CVS Health, Woonsocket contrasts its economic significance with a violent crime rate more than twice the state average. Furthermore, its overall crime rate is over four times higher than Rhode Island’s average, which itself is above the national average.


Pawtucket, a small city northeast of the state, is named for its Algonquian origins meaning “River Fall.” The city’s property crime statistics are 50% higher than the rest of the state, and its violent crime rate more than doubles that of Rhode Island. Significantly, Pawtucket’s crime per square mile stands at 185, markedly higher than the state’s average of 32.


Providence, Rhode Island’s capital and most populous city, was established in the 1630s and is a hub for prestigious universities like Brown University. Despite its educational and historical prominence, Providence experiences higher rates of property and violent crime compared to both state and national averages. Its crime rate per square mile is nearly ten times that of Rhode Island’s average.

Central Falls

Central Falls, situated in northern Rhode Island, holds the distinction of being the state’s smallest city, encompassing only 1.27 square miles. Named after a waterfall on the Blackstone River, Central Falls shows a crime rate per square mile eight times higher than the state average. However, its violent crime rate is only slightly above the overall state rate.


Newport, a renowned coastal town and summer resort for the affluent, lies beside Narragansett Bay, about 30 miles from the state capital. While Newport’s violent crime rate is only slightly higher than the state average, its property crime rate is about 40% higher compared to other communities in Rhode Island.

While these cities in Rhode Island have higher crime rates, it’s essential to remember that crime can vary significantly within different neighborhoods. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, consulting recent crime statistics and local law enforcement is advisable. Rhode Island’s cities, with their unique histories and settings, continue to work towards enhancing public safety and maintaining their diverse characteristics.

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