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Viewfinder tour allows the city to glimpse back in time



Walnut Ridge, Arkansas – This weekend, the City of Walnut Ridge will throw a throwback celebration.

The 150th Anniversary Celebration Committee of the city will conduct viewfinder tours, showcasing the former appearance of various parts of the town.

“I’ve always thought it would be kind of neat to stand on Main Street in Walnut Ridge and see what it looked like 100-150 years ago,” Chairman Jon Walter explained.

On Saturday, April 6, the committee will have a booth set up at the Abbey Road Craft Show.

Four tours will be available at the event, according to Walter.

“We’ll have a tour at ten, noon, two, and four o’clock. So, you can purchase your tickets. It’s only $5. All proceeds go to support Downtown Walnut Ridge LLC,” he said.

More details about the event are available on the City of Walnut Ridge’s Facebook page.





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