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Arkansas Democrats aim for a political shift



Arkansas – The Democratic Party in Arkansas has made a significant move by announcing a record number of candidates for state legislative positions, marking the most substantial effort since 2012, the last time the party held a majority in the chamber. This resurgence signifies a pivotal moment in Arkansas’s political landscape, highlighting the party’s commitment to challenging the current political status quo.

Arkansas Democrats have rallied a diverse group of 78 candidates for the State House, seven for the State Senate, and one for the State Treasurer position. Additionally, their reach extends to all four congressional districts and includes seven Presidential candidates. This extensive roster of candidates showcases the party’s strategic and inclusive approach to representation at various government levels.

Grant Tennille, the Chair of the Democratic Party of Arkansas (DPA), emphasized the importance of this moment in Arkansas’s history. He proudly described the candidates as a mix of professionals from various walks of life, including retired military officers, public school teachers, students, farmers, lawyers, and parents. Tennille stressed that these individuals are united by a common goal: advocating for a better Arkansas.

Jannie Cotton, the Vice Chair of the DPA, highlighted the novelty of this situation for many voters in Arkansas. She stated that several areas would see a Democrat on the ballot for the first time in many years, indicating a strategic and successful recruitment effort, unparalleled in the past decade.

The DPA’s recent activities have sparked renewed optimism among Arkansas Democrats. This robust recruitment drive positions the party favorably to challenge the Republican supermajority in the State Legislature and across the four congressional districts. This ambitious endeavor by the Arkansas Democrats represents a dynamic shift in the state’s political arena, reflecting a renewed sense of purpose and determination within the party.

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