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Businesses in the area respond to the opening of a new Amazon warehouse in Jonesboro



Jonesboro, Arkansas – While one company does not sell any products on Amazon, another gets all of its revenue from the online retailer.

The new Amazon site won’t harm their businesses, according to both companies. Quinn E-Commerce is a Jonesboro-based Amazon agency that oversees internet sales for physical businesses. According to President Patrick Quinn, Amazon accounts for 100% of sales.

“Amazon is just a lot bigger audience for us,” Quinn said.

According to Quinn, NEA consumers will be able to acquire their purchases more quickly because to the new Amazon Warehouse.

“Instead of them going from Memphis to St. Louis to Kansas City to here, it will likely be more direct,” Quinn said.

Quinn’s merchandise is kept at more than 70 Amazon fulfillment centers located around the United States to ensure that it is accessible to every client. He said his firm will not be impacted by the addition of the new last-mile facility in Jonesboro.
Amazon, according to Quinn, “caters to small businesses the best.”

“They brought us customers that we would never see anywhere else,” Quinn said.

However, Gamble Home Furnishings is located across town and does not have any products listed on Amazon. According to Kaula McLaughlin, vice president of purchasing and marketing, customers will continue to choose to purchase from Gamble over Amazon.

“I don’t see us competing with an Amazon Warehouse just because we do so many custom items,” McLaughlin said. “Our customers know who we are so nothing will ever take that from us.”

According to McLaughlin, Gamble offers a more individualized purchasing experience than Amazon. According to her, employees assist clients in making selections.

“They would take you through the whole process of picking out your fabrics, your pillow fabrics, and they map out your room so you know if everything will fit or not,” Mclaughlin said.

Kolby Moore, an interior designer, claimed that, unlike a local store, Amazon is unable to build strong bonds with its customers.

“We go to their homes and they come here,” Moore said. “We treat them like family when they come.”

The former FedEx building on Moore Road will house the new Amazon location. A news release states that building renovations are anticipated to begin in the upcoming weeks.



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