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Community responses to the fatal shooting in Jonesboro



Jonesboro, Arkansas – Residents in Jonesboro are concerned following a fatal shooting. The shooting on Friday night, which took place less than a block from a neighborhood park, claimed one life.

On Monday, Keenan Sweat and Zoe Hampton visited Allen Park. The shooting scene, which is located at the intersection of Race Street and Richardson Drive, is approximately 0.3 miles from the park.

Lamarion Bailey, 18, lost his life in the shooting. Hampton claimed she was shocked to learn what had transpired when her buddy called to explain.

“I was on Facebook and social media trying to see, and there were people going live and stuff. People were zooming in on his body. It hurt my heart to see it,” Hampton said.

Bailey attended the same school as Hampton. According to her, he would have graduated this year. Over the years, she recollects smiling and taking pictures with him.
It was tough for Sweat to learn about a shooting in a place they frequent.

“It’s very concerning. It makes me not want to come out here as much,” Sweat said.

Kalleigh Lee also goes about the neighborhood a lot. Her brothers were the first people she thought of when she heard about the shooting.

“I have brothers that live down here. It could’ve been them, and I was just here the other day around it,” Lee said.

It saddens her to witness violence in the community, she continued. In her opinion, the best way to combat violent crime is to get people to quit fighting.

Race Street was Hannah Inzer’s childhood home. She stated that she wasn’t shocked to learn of the shooting and that trauma treatment is essential to lowering violence.

“A lot of these people down here aren’t bad people,” Inzer said. “They’re just suffering from trauma, and it needs to be addressed.”

The Jonesboro Police Department is questioning a 14-year-old suspect to resolve the case.

It is recommended that anyone with knowledge of the shooting call the police at 870-935-5657.





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