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High-speed chase ends with arrest of North Little Rock man



North Little Rock, Arkansas – A man from North Little Rock was taken into custody in Batesville over the weekend after allegedly participating in a robbery in Sharp County.

The afternoon of the arrest saw Arkansas State Police Trooper Ethan Sanders patrolling just north of Batesville on Highway 167. It was there that he identified a Toyota Camry that had apparently been used in the reported robbery. Intent on apprehending the suspect, Sanders activated his emergency lights, signaling the Camry to pull over. However, instead of complying, the vehicle accelerated, endangering other motorists as it sped off.

The chase was anything but smooth. The Camry, in its hasty escape, forced several vehicles off the roadway. It even came perilously close to colliding with an Independence County Sheriff’s Deputy patrol car. According to the court details, the suspect’s vehicle brazenly ignored two red lights on Highway 167, known locally as St. Louis Street in Batesville, and reached alarming speeds nearing 120 mph.

Sanders, committed to halting the escapee, executed a tactical vehicle intervention near Ramsey Mountain. This move resulted in the Camry hurtling into a ditch. But the pursuit wasn’t over. The driver, identified as 25-year-old Jeremiah Jerome Johnson, decided to make a break for it on foot, darting into the adjacent woods. A brief scuffle ensued, but Sanders was swift to apprehend Johnson.

Johnson’s legal history is far from spotless. Court records indicate he already has charges pending in Sharp County. Furthermore, he is currently on parole and has repeatedly missed court appearances in the past. A history of over four felony convictions further complicates his record.

For his recent actions, Johnson is now facing several charges. These include two felony counts for fleeing and for assaulting a law enforcement officer. Additionally, he is being charged with five misdemeanors and recognized as a habitual offender. With a bond set at $50,000, Johnson initially found himself at the Independence County Jail but was subsequently moved to the Sharp County Jail by Tuesday.

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