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Memphis Firefighter finishes Little Rock Marathon for fallen hero and avid marathon runner



Little Rock, Arkansas – The day after Memphis Fire Lieutenant Jeffery Norman registered for the Little Rock Marathon, he was killed in the line of duty; his crew came to complete the race on his behalf.

“We’re here for our friend, Dirty Red, Jeffrey Norman. He passed this last year, but he had signed up for the Little Rock Marathon,” Memphis Firefighter Paramedic Samantha Georges said.

According to Georges, he was always available to assist with whatever task needed to be done on the scene.

On July 19, 2023, at around 11 p.m., Norman responded to a call regarding a residential house fire. When the roof collapsed, he and two other Memphis firefighters were inside the house.

After receiving injuries, the other two firefighters said that Norman shoved them aside so that they could bear the weight of the room fall.

The station put on its running shoes and started preparing to complete the race to carry on Norman’s legacy and competitive Little Rock Marathon heritage.

“He’s going to be right there for sure. He’s definitely going to be right there with us, and we start to slow down. You’re going to feel his hand on your back pushing you forward,” former Memphis Firefighter Paramedic Jordan Bedford said.

“When it came to running, it didn’t matter what the time was that everybody else is trying to beat, he just ran his race,” Bedford said.

After completing the half marathon and earning their medals in Norman’s honor, the crew members of Engine Ten and Truck Nine gave the medals to his wife.
Wearing t-shirts that said “In Memory of Dirty Red,” Jeffery’s crew nickname for his vivid red hair, Memphis firemen participated in the event.

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