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Mysterious disappearance haunts Pine Bluff even after 28 years



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – The City of Pine Bluff has seen its share of joys and sorrows. Yet, there remains a haunting shadow that continues to cast a pall of gloom over its residents: the unsolved disappearance of Cleashindra Hall, affectionately known as Clea.

Clea’s story is not just a tale of an ordinary girl. She was a beacon of hope, a luminary in her community. Excelling in her academics, she was all set to embrace her role as the valedictorian of her class, a title signifying her hard work and dedication. But fate had other plans. Just days shy of her graduation, and with a promising future awaiting her, Clea vanished.

The aura she exuded wasn’t just confined to her academic pursuits. Clea harbored dreams of becoming a pediatrician, and her love for children was evident to all who knew her. Having secured a coveted internship in Boston and a spot in the pre-med program at Tennessee State University, she was on the right track. But to support her impending journey, she undertook a part-time job at Dr. Larry Amos’ residence, an establishment dedicated to aiding in-home daycare centers.

The Night That Changed Everything

The evening of May 9, 1994, is forever etched in the memory of Laurell, Clea’s mother. It was the last time she saw her daughter, dropping her off at Dr. Amos’ place. What followed was a series of events that turned from anxiety to sheer panic. Clea, meticulous as she was, never made the follow-up call she promised. The hours that ensued saw her parents grappling with the harrowing uncertainty of her whereabouts.

For the local police, Clea’s case initially seemed like another instance of teenage rebellion. But those who truly knew her understood the gravity of her absence. Clea wasn’t one to abandon her dreams or leave her loved ones in distress.

A Community Riddled with Questions

Dr. Amos’ subsequent behavior only added fuel to the already raging fire of speculations. His inconsistent accounts and his alleged removal of Clea’s missing person flyers raised more questions than answers. The community was fraught with rumors, suspicion, and a desperate plea for clarity.

Subsequent investigations, including a detailed search of Dr. Amos’ property in 2012, haven’t provided the closure the community and Clea’s family so desperately seek. The lingering pain is palpable, with Clea’s memory echoing in the corridors of Pine Bluff’s streets, schools, and homes.

Even after all these years, hope hasn’t dimmed. Clea’s memory continues to serve as a rallying point for the community. There’s an undying belief that someone, somewhere, knows something. The collective conscience of Pine Bluff clings to the hope that one day, the truth will emerge from the shadows, and Clea’s family will finally find the peace they’ve been yearning for.

For now, Clea’s enigmatic disappearance serves as a solemn reminder of life’s unpredictability. The community remains steadfast in its resolve, urging anyone with any relevant information to come forward. The hope is that the next chapter in this story will be one of resolution and justice.

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