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Russian tensions are raising the price of gas



Jonesboro, Arkansas – Recent attacks on Russian refineries, according to at least one analyst, may result in higher gas prices in the upcoming weeks.

According to, the average cost of regular unleaded gasoline in Arkansas increased to $3.16 per gallon last week, an increase of 10.7 cents.

Drivers are now spending 16.4 cents more per gallon than they did a year ago and roughly 30.7 cents more than they did a month ago.

Last week, the national average increased by 6.4 cents to $3.51 per gallon.

According to Gas Buddy’s head of petroleum analysis, Patrick De Haan, the increase is typical for this time of year.

The quantity of attacks on Russian oil refiners is unusual; if they continue, they may have global repercussions, according to Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. “The attacks may have a greater impact on Russia’s capacity, forcing it to purchase these goods on the international market and driving up prices everywhere.”

He warned that as a result, prices may continue to climb for Americans in the upcoming weeks.



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