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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in New Jersey



Discussing crime rates in cities requires a nuanced approach, considering that these rates can fluctuate over time and are influenced by various factors. Labeling a city as the “most dangerous” is subjective and may not reflect the entire picture of a community’s safety. Despite this, historical data does provide insights into cities in New Jersey that have experienced higher crime rates. This article aims to highlight these cities while acknowledging the ongoing efforts to improve safety and community well-being.

Cities in New Jersey with High Crime Rates


Camden has historically faced challenges with crime and poverty. However, there have been significant efforts to improve safety and the quality of life in the community, reflecting a city in transformation.


As the largest city in New Jersey, Newark has had its share of crime challenges. Yet, it’s important to recognize the city’s ongoing initiatives aimed at enhancing safety and revitalizing neighborhoods.


Trenton, the state’s capital, has also confronted issues related to crime, particularly in specific neighborhoods. The city’s response includes various strategies to address these challenges.

Atlantic City

Famous for its casinos and vibrant nightlife, Atlantic City has dealt with crime-related issues, especially in certain areas. The city’s unique status as an entertainment hub adds complexity to its safety strategies.


Economic challenges in Paterson have contributed to higher crime rates in some neighborhoods. The city’s approach to these issues is multifaceted, involving community engagement and economic development efforts.

It’s important to approach these statistics with an understanding that cities are dynamic entities. Efforts to reduce crime and improve overall safety are ongoing in each of these cities. For the most current and accurate information, consulting the latest crime reports and community resources is advisable. This approach ensures a more comprehensive understanding of the safety landscape in New Jersey’s cities, recognizing both the challenges they face and the progress they make.

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