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Where to give your eclipse glasses to be recycled



Little Rock, Arkansas – Following the conclusion of the eclipse, many people are left wondering what they ought to do with the eclipse glasses they brought with them.

Numerous groups are responsible for recycling or reusing them in various ways.

Since approximately 15 years ago, Astronomers Without Borders has been accepting donations of eclipse glasses from the general public.

It is possible to drop off or mail your old eclipse glasses to them because they have partnerships with organizations such as Warby Parker and other online merchants.

In addition, you can mail them to Eclipse Glasses USA, which is a company that recycles glasses for use in future astronomical events.

On the other hand, you might also put them away in preparation for the subsequent solar eclipse.

In the lower 48 states, the next eclipse that will be visible to the naked eye will occur on August 23, 2044.

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