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Home Again Pine Bluff paves the way for homeowners



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – In an inspiring drive to rejuvenate neglected neighborhoods and promote homeownership, Home Again Pine Bluff is transforming areas of Pine Bluff in dire need of repair. This initiative is not just about brick and mortar; it’s about securing futures, nurturing dreams, and empowering residents.

Diandra Goal, who recently returned to Pine Bluff, is one of the beneficiaries of this endeavor. Moving into a renovated house courtesy of Home Again Pine Bluff, she expresses the profound impact of this opportunity. “You don’t really get an opportunity like this to say that in such a short amount of time I’ll be a homeowner,” she remarked.

The landscape of Pine Bluff, particularly the east 8th region, was once in stark contrast to its current state. “All of east 8th was kind of run down—a place of devastation,” recalls Goal. But today, thanks to initiatives like Home Again Pine Bluff, several streets are witnessing an extraordinary transformation. Over the recent weekend, the organization proudly dedicated four brand new houses, built from scratch, bringing hope and rejuvenation to the area.

The CEO of Home Again Pine Bluff, Matt Mosler, shared the organization’s unique approach to encouraging homeownership. After constructing the homes, they rent them to families at below-market rates for two years. Mosler elaborates, “We rent it to them for below-market rates; we encourage them to take the difference and open a savings account. So, at the end of two years, you’ve got over 5000 dollars in savings, and then if you complete the program, we sell you the house for half of its appraised value.”

But the program goes beyond just financial incentives. Residents, during their two-year period, are enrolled in homeownership and financial classes. For Goal, this holistic approach signifies the organization’s commitment to ensuring long-term success for its beneficiaries. “They’re not just throwing us out there in the water and saying okay swim, we’re going to take some lessons here,” she appreciatively noted.

Diandra Goal’s story mirrors the sentiments of many others in Pine Bluff. Through the efforts of Home Again Pine Bluff, many residents now have a place they can truly call their own. She praises the organization, saying, “When they came in and remodeled these houses, they couldn’t have done anything better for Pine Bluff, they really did a great job.”

As Home Again Pine Bluff continues its admirable mission, Pine Bluff residents can look forward to further revitalization projects and more opportunities for homeownership in the community.

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