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Little Rock city officials and advocates launch $3 million project for homeless support



Little Rock, Arkansas – Little Rock city officials, in collaboration with local homeless advocates, marked a significant milestone on Wednesday as they commenced the groundbreaking ceremony for a $3 million initiative aimed at facilitating the transition of homeless individuals to permanent housing.

The forthcoming Micro Home Village, situated at 3405 W. Roosevelt Road, will provide accommodation for up to 206 individuals concurrently. The designated two-acre property, formerly occupied by the Colonial Court Hotel and neighboring the Magnolia Retirement Center, has been allocated for this purpose.

The initial phase of construction will involve the establishment of 80 non-congregate beds, which will be followed by the addition of 20 emergency beds. In addition, a 5,000-square-foot community center is set to be constructed as part of this project.

Funding for this essential endeavor has been secured through a $1.5 million grant from the American Rescue Plan, facilitated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Furthermore, the city has committed $1.5 million from its own funds to support the initiative. The completion of the initial construction phase is estimated to take approximately six to eight months, after which the development of the community center will commence.

As updates continue to unfold, this remains a story in progress, promising significant positive change for the homeless community in Little Rock.


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