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Newport requests funding to address a street issue



Newport, Arkansas – The Arkansas Department of Transportation has received an application from the city of Newport for an 80/20 grant.

With the help of the funding, they will be able to replace the damaged water main in the Elm Street sidewalk and remove several trees.

According to city inspector Trey Randolph, Second Street is experiencing problems due to a damaged water main.

“Hopefully when we get this grant, we can get these trees removed. Because as you see, the sidewalks are buckling. It’s causing the roots that believe that it’s like collapsed water main back there which is why the water and everything is standing on the side streets,” he said.

According to Randolph, if the sidewalk problem isn’t resolved, it can lead to problems on the street.

“The water erodes the roadway up under. So in order for us to prevent repairs for the road, we have to go in and fix the water main, because the water main from the roots is the main issue,” he said.

Additionally, pedestrians will benefit from sidewalk repairs, particularly those who use wheelchairs or walkers.

“If you park over here on the side of the road and you are wheelchair bound, or you have a walker of some sort, it’s kind of uneven, very unstable, very unsteady, and someone could ultimately hurt themselves,” he said.

In a few weeks, the city should find out whether they receive the funding, according to Randolph.


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