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Pulaski County schools establishing measures to reduce flu cases



North Little Rock, Arkansas – As the flu season approaches on our doorsteps, the Arkansas Department of Health conducted research showing that Pulaski County is ranked among the top ten counties in the state where there is a large number of students not attending schools.

Therefore, officials at Crystal Hill Elementary School addressed this issue and discussed the measures they were taking to reduce the risk of the virus spreading across the school. One of the main measures established was a thorough cleaning of the premises using machines that clean surfaces that often come into contact with the students.

According to the Communications Director for Pulaski County Special School District, Jessica Duff, there is no exact information on how many students are infected with the flu.

Another measure that was determined that would help reduce the risk of virus spread in schools is asking parents to not let their kids attend classes if they exhibit symptoms or have the flu, until they are symptom or fever free.

One of the guidelines for Pulaski County-based schools requires students to wait 24 hours after having a fever before returning to school.

If you are considering having your child vaccinated against the flu, check with the school your child is attending to find out when the next available local flu vaccine clinic will be held.

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