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Fundraiser for the Garland County Veterans Memorial to offset site vandalism expenses



Hot Springs, Arkansas – Residents of Hot Springs come together for a fundraising occasion to raise money for the Garland County Veterans Memorial, which has been vandalized many times this year.

“It’s just it’s something that normal people who have respect for our veterans wouldn’t think about doing but it happened,” Garland County Veterans Memorial Tom Wilkins said.

Wilkins reports that there have been three instances of vandalism at the memorial since the beginning of 2024.

“We had some individuals come by and think it’s kind of funny to steal the flags and to bend the polls over and break them, and sometimes they get shoved into the tank that is down there,” Wilkins said.

The statue of Adam Brown, which stands tall, is a representation of all fallen heroes.

During the fundraising event, one of the guest speakers was Larry Brown, Adam’s father and a veteran. He claims he is perplexed as to why somebody would take such actions.

“We try to stress the fact that just Adam’s statue there that’s not just for Adam that is for that’s for everyone and we memorialize everyone that served especially those that serve and didn’t come back,” Larry Brown said.

Wilkins claims that vandalism is now expensive.

“Well, it’s just that every time a flag is disrespected and stolen, the flags can easily cost $200,” Wilkins said. We want to bring back something called patriotism.”

The fundraiser began with musical performances by the governor’s color guard, Homeland and Liberty, and local speakers, including the families of deceased veterans.

“It’s very gratifying to see people appreciate what veterans have done for this country,” Brown said.


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