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Re-arrested Hot Spring County Sheriff faces additional felony and misdemeanor charges



Little Rock, Arkansas – Following an Arkansas State Police investigation, Hot Spring County Sheriff Derek Scott Finkbeiner was placed under custody once more on fresh felonies state charges.

He is currently being charged with both a misdemeanor and a felony for allegedly using the Arkansas Crime Information Center without authorization and for soliciting sexual favors, according to court records.

Robbie Jones, a special prosecutor, has been assigned to the case. The arrest affidavit is sealed with the explanation that a fair trial depends on the jury pool’s integrity being maintained in light of the case’s increased attention and exposure.

Finkbeiner was freed on a recognizance bond after an arrest warrant was served on Thursday morning, according to court documents.

On May 15, Finkbeiner is scheduled to appear in Hot Spring County Circuit Court for his arraignment.

Finkbeiner had already been arrested once, in May 2023, for obstructing an FBI drug sting.

Finkbeiner was charged by the FBI in a different case with fabricating his associate’s identity as an informant, withholding information, using crack and meth, and requesting sex with an FBI confidential informant.

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