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Yvonne Cole


Yvonne is an experienced writer and she has been featured in the most popular news magazines over the years. She is also the author of four books on ideologies and values. Yvonne covers both local news and politics.

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COVID-192 weeks ago

Arkansas doctor claims that the Covid-19 vaccines don’t negatively impact pregnant women and pregnancy in general

Little Rock, Arkansas – While the United States government and health officials are doing everything in their power to make...

Arkansas2 weeks ago

The state of Arkansas has just received the first batch of 211,000 at-home testing kits, the distribution to begin until the end of the week

Little Rock, Arkansas – The state of Arkansas is looking forward to improve the home-kits Covid-19 tests shortage after they...

Arkansas2 weeks ago

More and more Arkansas children infected with Covid-19, new map shows school districts Covid-19 cases data

Arkansas – Omicron spreads across the state of Arkansas and with the latest numbers, we seem to be still far...

U. S. News2 weeks ago

Small airplane crashed in California onto a railroad, police saved the pilot moments before the train hit and destroyed the plane

Los Angeles, California – Police in Los Angeles, California on Sunday pulled a pilot from a Cessna plane that crashed...

U. S. News2 weeks ago

New York man arrested after publicly threatening former President Donald Trump he will kidnap and kill him, report

New York, New York – A 72-year-old man who warned US authorities that he planned to assassinate Donald Trump before...

U. S. News2 weeks ago

Russia allegedly informed the United States they won’t attack Ukraine anytime soon, report

Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine, a Russian negotiator said after talks with the United States, stressing the Americans’...

Lifestyle2 weeks ago

The first world’s 300Hz gaming monitor has just been released by MSI, unlike anything we know so far

MSI has introduced its new gaming monitor, which offers a feature that no other model has. “MSI MEG 271Q Mini...

Lifestyle2 weeks ago

This is how to turn your Tesla Model 3 into cryptocurrency mining tool

Some Tesla drivers have discovered a new way to use it, namely to pay off some of the money invested...

Lifestyle2 weeks ago

While we are still getting used to 5G, China tested 6G speeds and by far outperforms the 5G

China has realized the world’s fastest real-time transmission for terahertz wireless communication (THz), which is 10 to 20 times larger...

U. S. News2 weeks ago

BMW is world’s number 1 car brand with most sold premium vehicles globally and in United States

BMW in 2021 finished as the largest manufacturer of premium cars in the world. BMW and Mercedes have been battling...