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Expensive breed of dog sitting in Little Rock shelter; residents support her release



Little Rock, Arkansas – Animal enthusiasts in Little Rock are banding together to try and find a dog’s owner or place her with a responsible person.

The dog, who goes by Eleanor today, is a Neapolitan Mastiff, a costly and in-demand breed across the nation. Eleanor is pleading for her freedom from the Little Rock Animal Village on social media, and in only one day, her online petition has gathered hundreds of signatures.

Since learning that the dog was lost in a Chenal Valley neighborhood, Debbie Nash and a few other people have come forward.

Those who are supporting the dog are concerned about how long she will remain at the shelter because Nash thinks Little Rock Animal Village was contacted by a different neighbor and an employee promptly picked up the dog.

Nash claimed that as a result, if she is not concerned about Eleanor’s life, she is concerned for the lives of the other dogs.

“It’s infuriating because dogs die in the shelter every day for space,” Nash said. “She frees up space. Let her go.”

According to Nash, she has also been in touch with a Mastiff rescue group that is prepared to adopt Eleanor and place her in a home that is well-suited for the breed, whether it be in Arkansas or another state.

She continued by saying that the dog is well-trained and not violent based on her interactions with Eleanor and the reports she has received from other volunteers at the shelter.

In response to worries around Eleanor, the mayor of Little Rock released a statement.

“The Animal Village’s top priority is to identify the animal’s owner. Because it failed a behavioral assessment (the ASPCA’s SAFER assessment), it is not suitable for adoption at this time,” the statement read. “However, no other decisions have been made regarding this animal as the Animal Village is continuing to try to locate the owner.”


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