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Wrestlers visit a central Arkansas school as part of a campaign against bullying



Sherwood, Arkansas – This week, a group of professional wrestlers visited several schools to promote their anti-bullying initiative.

Action Packed Sports wrestlers visited Sylvan Hills Elementary School in Sherwood on Friday, transforming the school cafeteria into a kid’s arena.

“All week it’s been crazy. I have been yelling and screaming. I’m losing my voice and we’re just having a good time with the kids and we’re trying to show them a better path,” wrestler Johnathan Holt said.

According to Holt, they want to inspire children with the meaning behind their impressive skills as much as with them.

“It’s not the pro wrestling that makes this important, what’s important is finding a way to reach out to the kids that will get their attention,” Holt said.

According to Holt, they want to educate children on the value of not becoming a bully and what to do if they are the target of bullying.

He claimed that because he was bullied as a child, it was a personal message for him.

“If you have someone that looks like them or someone that represents something they love and you teach the message it is not okay, they will follow that same path,” Holt said.

According to Holt, they intend to continue this program in the future and hope that it will assist children and families in dealing with bullying.




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