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Sports media pioneer Kevin Miller of Arkansas high schools passes away at 43



Searcy, Arkansas – There is a well-known face in the Arkansas state basketball tournament, but regrettably, he left the game way too soon.

On Tuesday, at the age of 43, Kevin Miller passed away. Family members claim that a heart attack was the reason of his death.

BM Sports Report was founded by Miller. His platform’s goal was to expose high school players around the state to collegiate opportunities.

Head coach Michael Shook was motivated to speak about Kevin Miller’s legacy at the 5A state tournament in Searcy, despite his Maumelle Hornets being preoccupied with their state tournament opener.

Shook said Miller’s “memory will last forever,” and that he “always had the kids’ best interest at heart.”

Miller’s desire to see children become well-known led to an impact on coaches, their programs, and the families of those athletes.

“He just wanted to get your name out there to get you on the map. That’s what he cared about the most,” Maumelle sophomore guard Jacob Lanier said. “Arkansas needs people like him.”

Lanier is among the best recruits in the country for the 2026 class. But Kevin Miller gave every player the same amount of attention, regardless of whether they were a top recruit.

“I’m sure if you go through his phone and look at his college contact list, I’m sure it’s just ongoing,” Shook said.

Shook claimed that Miller’s influence benefited basketball programs as well as children.

“Having their resource and a person that can help you connect with people to put out word for your kids and fight for them and help them, it’s a tremendous asset,” Shook said.

Miller’s effects extended beyond the court to other members of the media.

Statistician Kayla Fletcher studies basketball. The day before he died, she claims, Kevin called to check on her and ask if she needed anything before the state tournament.

“It’s going to be really weird to go on without him around,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher said that when she got the news, she was working game two on the first day of the 5A state tournament in Searcy.

She acknowledged that she was overcome with sorrow at learning of Miller’s passing, but she was grateful to have one final conversation with him.

“I’m so thankful for that phone call. Sometimes we don’t answer because we’re busy, but I am just so glad that I took the time because we just don’t ever know,” she said.

“For us to lose such a great influence on basketball, it’s just devastating for all of us,” Shook said.


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