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St. Bernards focuses on the health of children



Jonesboro, Arkansas – A hospital is attempting to improve the health of kids in Northeastern Arkansas.

On Saturday, St. Bernards Healthcare hosted its inaugural Children’s Health Day in the hospital theater.

A small group of parents and kids entered the auditorium.

In addition to being a lot of fun, parents could use the opportunity to see how their children were doing medically.

“Vision and hearing assessments, weight and height assessments, UAMS is doing BMI evaluations and percentile evaluations,” Foundation Women’s Council President Katie Prescott explained.

According to St. Bernards, the event is an effort by the charity to address some of the delays that children are experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There are a lot for kids that during COVID got behind with different things, or because of isolation, parents were unable to find the resources they needed to address different issues they may be seeing with their kids,” Prescott stated.

The city’s Jet Bus system, one of Saturday’s exhibitors, according to St. Bernards, is essential in helping parents and their kids get to the necessary medical attention.

“Once these resources aren’t under one roof, they have barriers with transportation. So we try to find secure, stable, and cost-affordable ways for parents to get from A to B with their kids,” Prescott added.

The hospital expressed its happiness with the event’s attendance and stated it is already starting to make plans for the following year.


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