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The allergy season is starting early for Arkansans



Little Rock, Arkansas – While virus season is still going strong in Arkansas, we are about to enter allergy season.

Some people may be experiencing runny noses and sneezes due to higher-than-normal pollen levels that began earlier this year.

At the Little Rock River Market, Phillip Harper was taking advantage of the lovely weather we’ve been having, but he noted there was a cost.

“I’m having to blow my nose more than I normally do,” said Harper.

Although virus season usually lasts into the winter, allergy season has been approaching swiftly.

The busiest time of year for Little Rock Allergy and Asthma Clinic, according to its owner, Dr. Jim Ingram, is spring.

People have been battling specific tree pollens most recently. According to Dr. Ingram, people are currently being affected by cedar pollen.

Tree and grass pollen will soon become noticeable.

Dr. Ingram stated that although over-the-counter allergy medication can be helpful in short-term relief of symptoms, there are alternative solutions that can help in the long run.

“And if those aren’t keeping you under control that’s when I would suggest seeing a board-certified allergist to see what you are allergic to and what you can do about it,” he added.

Allergy shots are one of those choices. They are for those who desire continuous relief from allergies and cope with them year-round, according to Dr. Ingram.

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