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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Arizona



Cities’ crime rates are not constant and subject to change due to a variety of factors. This is particularly true in Arizona, where different cities have experienced varying levels of crime. It’s important to remember that labeling a city as “most dangerous” can be subjective, depending on the criteria used for evaluation. In this overview, we examine some cities in Arizona that have been reported to have higher crime rates, based on the latest available data.


As Arizona’s second-largest city, Tucson has faced challenges with crime, particularly in terms of property and violent crimes. The city’s size and demographic diversity contribute to its complex crime dynamics.


The state capital and largest city, Phoenix, also grapples with crime issues. Certain neighborhoods within Phoenix exhibit higher crime rates than others, highlighting the city’s varied safety landscape.


Located northwest of Phoenix, Glendale has seen crime rates that exceed the national average, especially in terms of property crimes. The city’s proximity to Phoenix adds to its unique crime profile.


Renowned for its scenic beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities, Flagstaff has nonetheless experienced crime rates higher than the national average. This includes both property crimes and some instances of violent crimes.


Known as a college town, home to Arizona State University, Tempe has reported higher crime rates compared to other cities in the state. The presence of a large student population influences its crime statistics.

Local authorities in these cities are continually working to address and reduce crime, emphasizing the importance of consulting the latest crime statistics and reports for current information. It’s also crucial to acknowledge that many areas within these cities remain safe, and that crime rates can vary significantly from one neighborhood to another. This nuanced understanding of crime and safety in Arizona’s cities is essential for residents and visitors alike.

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