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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Georgia



In Georgia, the concept of “dangerous cities” is complex, influenced by varying crime rates and subjective perceptions of safety. This article focuses on cities in Georgia that have historically experienced higher crime rates, while recognizing that these figures can change and may not fully represent the safety of entire cities.

Cities in Georgia with High Crime Challenges


As Georgia’s capital and most populous city, Atlanta presents a diverse urban landscape. Certain neighborhoods have higher crime rates, which is a focus of ongoing safety efforts. However, it’s important to note that Atlanta also boasts many safe and thriving areas.


Albany has faced significant crime-related challenges. Efforts to address these issues are part of the city’s commitment to improving public safety and community well-being.


Compared to other cities in Georgia, Macon has experienced higher crime rates. This has been a concern for the city, but like others, Macon is also home to safer neighborhoods and active community initiatives.

East Point

Located southwest of Atlanta, East Point has had its share of crime challenges. Notably, there have been concerted efforts to enhance public safety and reduce crime rates in the city.

College Park

Near Atlanta, College Park has been reported to have higher crime rates. Despite this, the city is also working towards improving safety and fostering a secure community environment.

It’s vital to access the most recent and specific crime data for a comprehensive understanding of each city’s safety situation. Local law enforcement agencies, government reports, and community resources are key sources for current information on crime rates and public safety measures. Remember, many cities, including those listed, have neighborhoods that are quite safe, and overall crime rates may not reflect the safety of every area within these cities.

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