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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Maine



In Maine, understanding the safety and crime rates of its cities involves considering how these rates can change over time and how different sources may vary in their evaluations. This article aims to provide an overview of cities in Maine that have been mentioned in discussions about crime while emphasizing the importance of consulting the latest crime statistics for current information.

Maine Cities with High Crime Rates


As Maine’s largest city, Portland experiences a range of crime rates. While some areas may have higher crime rates compared to smaller towns, Portland also boasts many neighborhoods that are safe and thriving, reflecting the city’s diverse urban landscape.


Similar to Portland, Lewiston, being a larger city, may exhibit higher crime rates, particularly in terms of property crime. However, Lewiston also has areas that are known for their safety and community cohesion.


Bangor, one of the larger cities in Maine, might have higher reported crime rates. It’s important to analyze the types of crimes occurring in the city to gain a more nuanced understanding of its safety profile.


As the state capital, Augusta’s crime rates may be influenced by its role as an administrative and commercial hub. The city’s dynamics, including its governmental and business activities, can impact crime statistics.


Though Biddeford has been mentioned in crime discussions, it’s essential to delve into specific crime categories to understand the city’s actual safety landscape.

Interpreting crime statistics requires caution and a consideration of various factors such as population density, economic conditions, and community programs. These elements play a significant role in determining the safety of a city. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on crime rates in these Maine cities, referring to local law enforcement agencies or official crime reports is recommended. This approach ensures a balanced and comprehensive view of the safety and well-being of communities across Maine.

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