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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Massachusetts



In Massachusetts, the conversation around crime rates and safety is an evolving one, as these rates can fluctuate over time and perceptions of danger may differ. This article focuses on cities within the state that have historically experienced higher crime rates while acknowledging ongoing efforts to improve safety. It’s essential to consult the most recent crime statistics for the most accurate and current information.

Massachusetts Cities with High Crime Rates


Known for facing challenges with both property crime and violent crime, Springfield has been a focal point in discussions about urban safety. Efforts to combat these issues are a key part of the city’s strategy to enhance public safety.


Brockton has seen periods of higher-than-average crime rates, particularly in terms of violent incidents. The city’s response to these challenges is crucial in shaping its safety landscape.


Holyoke has experienced problems with violence and property crime, which is indicative of a larger challenge urban areas face in addressing crime. The city continues to work towards creating safer communities.

New Bedford

Noted for having higher crime rates compared to some other Massachusetts cities, New Bedford’s approach to dealing with these issues is integral to its efforts to improve overall safety.


Chelsea has grappled with various crime-related challenges, including property crime and drug-related issues. The city’s initiatives to tackle these problems are an ongoing process.

For the most accurate and current picture of safety in these cities, it is recommended to refer to the latest crime statistics and reports from local law enforcement agencies, city websites, or crime mapping tools. Additionally, it’s important to note that crime rates can vary within different neighborhoods of a city, meaning not all areas might have the same level of risk. Understanding the nuances of crime in Massachusetts cities is key to getting a comprehensive view of safety and community well-being.

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