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Policeman purchases a bike for a victim of hit-and-run



Jonesboro, Arkansas – One Jonesboro police officer finds it as simple as riding a bicycle to do the right thing.
As per the Jonesboro Police Department, Patrol Officer Carma Butler was called to a hit-and-run accident involving a guy riding a bike on Friday, May 3.

Although the 19-year-old victim’s bicycle was wrecked, he was unharmed.

Butler decided to use her own money to purchase the victim a new bike after learning that it was his only means of transportation. Butler got in touch with Abilities Unlimited, who had just received a supply of bicycles on Friday am.

Butler fixed a few small things, then showed the young man his brand-new wheels, much to his amazement.

“I took it to the young gentleman where I knew he would be located volunteering, and he was very appreciative of it and very excited,” Butler said. “I was just glad to see he now has that means of transportation again.”

Butler claimed that she must assist folks whenever possible. She expressed her desire for greater community trust in law enforcement.

“We don’t always get to be compassionate, but we want to show the community that we are better together,” Butler said.


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