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Bowlers band together to spread awareness of ALS



Jonesboro, Arkansas – On Sunday, a group of people gathered to honor a longtime friend and spread awareness of the illness that claimed his life.

On May 5, the 2nd Annual David Emerson ALS Awareness Tournament took place at Hijinx, which is located in Jonesboro at 3102 Shelby Dr.

Teams consisting of twelve four-person teams competed on the lanes, with prizes given to the top three finishing teams.

It’s ALS Awareness Month in May. According to, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis damages nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

David Emerson, a longtime bowler from Jonesboro, received an ALS diagnosis in December 2022. The diagnosis of her spouse, according to Renee Emerson, was “very unexpected.”

“Sixty-five years old; the man was in perfect health, so it was a shock to all of us,” R. Emerson said.

In October 2023, after fighting the illness for ten months, David passed away.

One of David’s passions before to his diagnosis was bowling.

Renee said his medical expenses were partially covered by the tournament’s earnings from the previous year. The competition this year helps other ALS patients in Northeast Arkansas.

“I promised him I would keep ALS in the forefront of everyone’s mind, as well as keep his memory alive,” Emerson said. “All of these people bowling are here because they loved him just as much as I did.”


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