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Ten years after the horrific mass shooting, memories grow



Jonesboro, Arkansas – Despite the day’s chaos, one law enforcement official can still recall every detail.
Four people were killed in a mass shooting in Jonesboro on May 3, 2014: two males, a 12-year-old girl, and the gunman.

Three persons were killed by Porfirio Sayago Hernandez’s seven gunshots. He turned the gun on himself to put an end to the shooting rampage. Moore Road was bordered with crime scenes on the west side of town.

In 2014, Assistant Chief Lynn Waterworth of the Jonesboro Police Department served as the Captain of the Investigations Division on the scene. She got to the site before the body of the gunman was discovered inside a car on a neighboring county road.

According to Waterworth, everything happened really fast.

“So I got the call fairly quickly, but while I’m still on scene and we’re still trying to clear everything out all this other stuff unfolds around us,” Waterworth said.

Waterworth stated that since multiple departments and a helicopter were on the site, they would soon discover more victims. She claimed that despite everything going on, she was concentrated on her task.

“Anytime you’ve got something that huge going on, it’s more controlled chaos,” Waterworth said. ”And you just want to get help to those victims as soon as you can.”

According to reports, Porfirio purchased a gun the day before the incident at a nearby pawn shop.
Six days before to the incident, Sayago Hernandez’s wife informed detectives that her husband had been committed to St. Bernard’s Behavioral Health Center and was prescribed medication for depression.

She said Porfirio had threatened to “kill people and then kill himself.”

A few of days later, Porfirio left the facility.




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