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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Minnesota



In Minnesota, the discussion of crime rates in various cities requires a balanced perspective, recognizing that these rates are dynamic and can vary over time. This article aims to highlight cities that have historically experienced higher crime rates while acknowledging the complexities and the ongoing efforts to enhance safety. It’s crucial to consult the most recent local crime statistics for the most accurate and current information.

Minnesota Cities with High Crime Rates


As Minnesota’s largest city, Minneapolis has seen its share of crime challenges in certain areas. Despite this, the city’s diverse neighborhoods range from highly safe to less safe, making it a city of contrasts. Minneapolis is also known for its rich cultural scene and active community life.

St. Paul

Similar to its twin city, Minneapolis, St. Paul has neighborhoods with varying crime rates. The city’s overall safety can differ significantly from one neighborhood to another, reflecting the diverse nature of urban living.


Generally known for a lower crime rate compared to larger cities, Duluth has still encountered crime issues, particularly in specific neighborhoods. The city’s scenic beauty and outdoor opportunities are juxtaposed with these urban challenges.


Renowned for its healthcare industry, Rochester is often considered a safe city. However, like any urban area, it has neighborhoods where crime rates are higher, underscoring the importance of local awareness and safety measures.

Brooklyn Park

A suburb of Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park has experienced varying crime rates across its neighborhoods. The community’s efforts to tackle crime and enhance safety are an ongoing process.

For the most accurate and current picture of safety in these cities, it is recommended to refer to the latest crime statistics from local law enforcement agencies or community safety reports. Additionally, it’s important to remember that many cities, including those mentioned, have safe neighborhoods and are continually working to improve public safety and community well-being. Understanding the nuanced nature of urban crime in Minnesota is essential for a comprehensive perspective on safety and community life.

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