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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Mississippi



In Mississippi, understanding the crime landscape requires acknowledging that crime rates are not static and can vary over time. This article provides insights into cities that have historically experienced higher crime rates in Mississippi, while emphasizing the importance of consulting the latest crime reports for the most current information.

Mississippi Cities with Historically Higher Crime Rates


As Mississippi’s capital and largest city, Jackson has faced its share of crime-related challenges. Like many urban areas, Jackson has neighborhoods with higher crime rates, though it’s important to note that there are also areas in the city that are safe and thriving.


Known for issues with both property and violent crimes in the past, Meridian ranks among the cities in Mississippi with higher crime rates. The city’s efforts to address these issues are crucial in shaping its safety profile.


Greenwood has encountered challenges, particularly in relation to property crimes. Despite this, Greenwood is also known for its rich cultural heritage and efforts to improve community safety.


Vicksburg, a city with significant historical significance, has at times experienced higher crime rates compared to other cities in Mississippi. However, Vicksburg is also a city with many safe neighborhoods and a strong sense of community.


Another city steeped in history, Natchez has faced certain crime challenges. It’s essential to recognize that, despite these issues, Natchez, like other cities on this list, has areas that are safe and offer a high quality of life.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date picture of the safety situation in these cities, it is recommended to consult local law enforcement agencies or the latest crime reports and statistics for Mississippi. Crime rates can change over time, and many cities have implemented measures to improve public safety since the last update. Understanding the nuances of crime in Mississippi’s cities is crucial for a comprehensive perspective on urban safety and community well-being.

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