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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Missouri



When discussing crime in Missouri, it’s essential to consider the dynamic nature of crime rates and how they can vary over time. The designation of a city as “dangerous” is not only subjective but also dependent on a variety of factors. This article delves into the cities in Missouri that, based on historical data, have faced higher crime rates, while acknowledging that these rates are not static and can change.

Cities with High Crime Rates in Missouri

St. Louis

Regularly mentioned in the context of Missouri’s crime, St. Louis has seen its share of challenges, particularly in certain neighborhoods plagued by violent crime. The city’s struggle with these issues is a significant concern, but it’s also a place where community resilience and efforts to improve safety are evident.

Kansas City

Mirroring St. Louis, Kansas City has neighborhoods with elevated crime rates, especially concerning violent crimes. The city’s overall crime rate has been a long-standing issue, drawing attention to the need for effective crime reduction strategies.


Smaller than St. Louis and Kansas City, Springfield has nonetheless grappled with property crimes and certain violent offenses. The city’s crime issues, while not as pronounced as in larger cities, are a matter of concern.


As a suburb of Kansas City, Independence stands out for its higher crime rates compared to other suburban areas in Missouri. The city’s struggle with crime highlights the issue is not confined to urban centers alone.


Known for hosting the University of Missouri, Columbia has faced higher-than-average crime rates, especially in terms of property crimes and specific violent crimes. As a university town, the crime dynamics here may differ from those in other cities on this list.

It’s important to recognize that within each city, there can be significant variations in safety and crime rates. Additionally, ongoing efforts to combat crime are a key aspect of life in these communities. For the most up-to-date and accurate information on crime rates, consulting local law enforcement agencies or official crime databases is recommended. Understanding the complexities of crime in Missouri’s cities is crucial for residents and visitors alike, providing a more informed perspective on safety and community efforts.

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