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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Maryland



When it comes to identifying the “most dangerous cities” in Maryland, it’s crucial to approach the topic with a nuanced understanding. Crime rates vary and can change over time, making any label of “most dangerous” somewhat subjective. However, based on historical data, certain cities in Maryland have shown higher crime rates than others. This article aims to shed light on these cities, keeping in mind that ongoing efforts are being made to improve safety in these areas.

Cities in Maryland with High Crime Rates


Frequently mentioned in discussions about Maryland’s crime, Baltimore has grappled with significant levels of violent crime, including homicides and shootings. The city’s struggle with these issues is well-documented, although it’s also a place of vibrant culture and community efforts.


Known for facing challenges with both property and violent crime, Salisbury has been proactive in addressing these issues. The city’s efforts to enhance community safety are an essential part of its response to crime.


Compared to other Maryland cities, Hagerstown has experienced higher crime rates, particularly in property and violent crimes. This has placed the city in the spotlight when discussing safety concerns in Maryland.


As the state capital, Annapolis holds a unique position. It has seen higher crime rates in comparison to other parts of Maryland, particularly regarding violent crime. However, like other cities on this list, Annapolis is actively working to address these challenges.


Facing its own set of challenges, Cumberland has reported instances of property crime and some violent crime. The city’s efforts to combat these issues are part of a broader initiative to improve safety.

It’s important to remember that crime rates are dynamic and can change. Cities across Maryland are continually implementing measures to enhance safety and reduce crime. For the most current information on a city’s safety, it is advisable to consult the latest statistics and reports from reliable sources, such as local law enforcement agencies or official crime reporting websites. By staying informed and understanding the complexity of crime in Maryland, residents and visitors can better navigate these urban landscapes.

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