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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania



Crime rates and the perception of safety in cities are dynamic and influenced by a myriad of factors. It’s crucial to understand that labeling a city as “dangerous” can be misleading, as the level of safety can vary significantly across different neighborhoods. This article looks at historical crime data to identify cities with higher crime rates while emphasizing the importance of current data for an accurate understanding.

Pennsylvania Cities with Historically Higher Crime Rates


As Pennsylvania’s largest city, Philadelphia has seen higher crime rates in certain areas. The city’s diverse neighborhoods each face unique safety challenges, and efforts to address crime are continually evolving.


The state capital, Harrisburg, has experienced its share of challenges with both property and violent crimes. The city’s ongoing initiatives aim to improve safety and community well-being.


Chester has grappled with economic challenges that have contributed to higher crime rates. However, there have been concerted efforts to address these issues and enhance community safety.


Located in Beaver County, Ambridge may have a small population, but it has faced significant crime challenges, with a crime rate notably higher than the U.S. average. The community’s response to these challenges is key to improving safety.


Reading, with a population of 95,000, faces a substantial crime problem, with a high chance of residents being crime victims. The city’s efforts to tackle crime are an important aspect of its overall strategy for improvement.

It’s important to remember that crime rates are not static, and cities continually implement initiatives to improve safety. For those concerned about safety in specific areas, consulting the most recent crime statistics, community programs, and local news is recommended. Additionally, engaging with local law enforcement and community organizations can provide a deeper insight into the current state of safety in a particular city or neighborhood. This approach ensures a more nuanced and updated perspective on safety in Pennsylvania’s cities.

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