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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in New Hampshire



In New Hampshire, known for its picturesque landscapes and small-town charm, the concept of “most dangerous cities” can be somewhat subjective. However, based on historical data, some cities have reported higher crime rates. It’s vital to remember that crime rates are not static and can change; hence, the latest statistics should always be consulted for the most current information.


Manchester, the largest city in New Hampshire, has historically reported higher crime rates than other areas in the state. The city, while facing these challenges, has also been proactive in addressing crime and enhancing public safety, reflecting a continuous effort to improve the living conditions for its residents.


Nashua, another large city in New Hampshire, has experienced higher crime rates, especially when compared to smaller towns. Like Manchester, Nashua has undertaken significant measures to reduce crime and promote a safer community environment.


Concord, despite being the state capital, has seen occasional increases in crime rates above the state average. It’s important to recognize that these rates can fluctuate annually, and the city’s efforts to curb crime are ongoing.


Located in the scenic Lakes Region, Laconia has observed spikes in crime, particularly regarding property crimes. Staying updated with the latest crime statistics is crucial for an accurate understanding of the city’s current safety landscape.


Rochester, with a reported higher crime rate compared to some other New Hampshire areas, illustrates the varying safety profiles across the state. As with all cities, keeping informed with up-to-date crime data is key to understanding the actual situation.

For accurate and current crime statistics in these New Hampshire cities, reliable sources like the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program or the New Hampshire State Police should be consulted. It’s crucial to understand that, while some cities may have experienced higher crime rates in the past, ongoing efforts are frequently made to enhance public safety and improve the overall quality of life in these communities.

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