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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Florida



Florida, known for its sunny beaches and popular attractions, also grapples with crime challenges in some of its cities. While crime rates can fluctuate and perceptions of safety differ among people, certain cities in Florida have historically reported higher crime rates. This overview provides insights into these cities, though it’s important to consult the latest crime statistics for current information.


Miami, a large and diverse city, showcases varying crime rates across its neighborhoods. Some areas in Miami face significant challenges with property and violent crimes. This variability in crime rates across different parts of Miami underscores the complexity of urban safety.


Orlando, globally famed for its theme parks and tourist attractions, also contends with crime issues. The city experiences property crimes and violent offenses, particularly in specific areas, offering a contrast to its otherwise family-friendly image.


Jacksonville, one of the largest cities in Florida, has neighborhoods where crime rates are higher than average. The city’s struggle with property and violent crimes in certain areas reflects the broader challenges faced by major urban centers.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach, while popular for its events and beachside attractions, has areas where crime rates are notably high. Awareness and caution are advised for both residents and visitors in navigating the city’s varied safety landscape.


Tampa, a significant urban area in Florida, exhibits a range of crime rates across its neighborhoods. Some parts of Tampa experience higher levels of crime, highlighting the importance of staying informed about different areas within the city.

For those considering residency or travel in these Florida cities, it’s essential to research current crime statistics and consult local authorities. Factors like job opportunities, education, and overall quality of life should also be considered. Importantly, crime rates can change, and many cities actively work on measures to enhance safety and improve the quality of life for their residents and visitors.

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