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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Oregon



Crime rates in cities are not static; they vary over time and can be influenced by a range of factors. Labeling a city as “dangerous” often simplifies complex issues surrounding crime. Nevertheless, based on historical data, certain cities in Oregon have shown higher crime rates than others. This article, focusing on the five most dangerous cities in Oregon, aims to highlight these cities while acknowledging that the situation may have evolved since the last update. Updated and specific crime statistics should always be referenced for the latest information.

Oregon Cities with Historically Higher Crime Rates


As Oregon’s largest city, Portland has historically had higher crime rates, particularly in terms of property crime. This bustling city’s diverse neighborhoods each have their own safety profiles.


Salem, the state capital, has faced its own challenges with crime, including property crimes and some violent offenses. The city has various initiatives to address these issues.


Situated in southern Oregon, Medford has experienced elevated crime rates, including property crimes and drug-related offenses. The city’s approach to tackling these challenges is multifaceted.

Grants Pass

This city in southwestern Oregon has seen times of elevated crime rates, with property crimes being a significant concern. Community and law enforcement are key to Grants Pass’s efforts to improve safety.


Located near the Idaho border in eastern Oregon, Ontario has faced challenges with crime, including property crimes and drug-related issues. The city’s strategic location adds to its complexity in managing crime.

It’s crucial to understand that crime rates can be affected by socioeconomic conditions, demographics, and the effectiveness of law enforcement strategies. Efforts to reduce crime, including community initiatives and policing efforts, may have significantly altered the crime landscape in these cities since the last update. For the most accurate and recent information, consulting the latest crime statistics or reaching out to local law enforcement agencies is advisable. Understanding the current state of these cities requires a nuanced perspective that takes into account recent developments and ongoing efforts to ensure community safety.

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