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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Washington



When examining crime rates and safety in cities, it’s essential to recognize that these figures can change over time. The term “most dangerous” can be somewhat misleading, as it might oversimplify the complexities surrounding crime and safety. Nonetheless, historical crime data does indicate that certain cities in the state of Washington have experienced higher crime rates in specific categories. This article aims to provide an overview of the five most dangerous cities in Washington, keeping in mind the evolving nature of urban safety.

Most dangerous cities with high crime rates in Washington


Known for its vibrant culture and port activities, Tacoma has historically faced challenges with both property and violent crime. These issues have been a focus for the city’s law enforcement and community initiatives.


As a city with a rich history and active cultural scene, Spokane has seen higher rates of property crime and some instances of violent crime. The city continues to address these challenges through various measures.


In Yakima, property crime has been a particular concern, with crime rates surpassing the state average. The city’s efforts to tackle these issues are ongoing, involving community and law enforcement collaboration.


Seattle, a major urban hub with a diverse population, has faced issues with property crime, homelessness, and certain types of violent crime. Despite these challenges, many neighborhoods in Seattle remain safe and vibrant.


Everett, with its proximity to Seattle, has encountered challenges related to property crime and drug-related issues. The city’s strategies to address these concerns involve multiple community and governmental initiatives.

It’s important to note that while these cities have faced crime challenges, they are also home to numerous safe areas and community efforts aimed at improving overall safety. For the most current and accurate information on crime rates, consulting the latest statistics and reports from reliable sources such as local law enforcement or the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program is crucial. Additionally, considering factors like livability, economic conditions, and community initiatives provides a more comprehensive understanding of a city’s safety profile. These cities, like many urban areas, are dynamic environments where safety is an ongoing priority.

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