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Top three dangerous occupations in Arkansas



Little Rock, Arkansas – A newly conducted study has illuminated some unsettling findings about the riskiest jobs in Arkansas. Spearheaded by personal injury lawyers at John Fitch, the research aimed to highlight the industries with the highest non-fatal injury rates, calculating these based on every 200 million hours worked.

Law Enforcement Takes the Lead

Surprisingly or not, the law enforcement field, which encompasses both the police and fire departments, has been identified as the riskiest. With a reported injury rate of 10.1 per 200 million hours worked, it’s evident that officers and firefighters face a unique set of challenges in their daily tasks. They routinely encounter hazardous scenarios, from potential showdowns with armed suspects to unforeseen accidents while executing their duties.

Transport Workers Face Constant Threats

Coming in close, the transit and grounded passenger transportation sector, which includes entities like urban transit systems, taxis, school buses, charter buses, and interurban bus transportation, records an injury rate of 9.2 per 200 million hours. Among the daily risks these workers confront are vehicle accidents, disturbances from passengers, and the overarching need for constantly safe vehicle operation.

Hazards in Animal Production and Aquaculture

Tying with the transport sector, the field of animal production and aquaculture also records an injury rate of 9.2 per 200 million hours. This domain involves ranches, farms, feedlots, and controlled aquatic environments. Workers here are tasked with managing livestock and aquatic creatures, both of which can exhibit unpredictable behaviors. Additionally, the machinery and equipment essential to these operations present their own set of dangers.

While all jobs come with their unique sets of challenges, the findings from this study underline the specific hazards that workers in these industries in Arkansas face. It serves as a poignant reminder of the risks these professionals shoulder in their daily duties.

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