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Charitable giving trends in Arkansas concern nonprofits



Little Rock, Arkansas – In Arkansas, like in many parts of the nation, charitable giving has been experiencing a downward trend, significantly impacting non-profits that heavily rely on donations. The Arkansas Community Foundation has highlighted this issue, noting the particular strain on non-profits in rural areas and small communities.

The Growing Need for Donations

Jessica Ford, Chief of Communications at the Arkansas Community Foundation, emphasizes that non-profits, especially those in less populated areas, are currently facing acute challenges. Despite the enduring generosity of Arkansans through tough times, including natural disasters, economic inflation, and the pandemic, the need for more support is still pressing.

As the holiday season approaches, the demand for basic necessities like food, utilities, and medicine is surging due to economic constraints and the rising cost of living. Ford urges those who can afford to give to consider making donations, stressing that this period is crucial for many non-profits.

Non-profits are not just in need of physical items like canned goods and clothes but also monetary donations, which can be particularly impactful. Ford explains that food pantries, often under immense pressure during this time, can stretch monetary donations further due to their ability to purchase food at wholesale prices.

The Union Rescue Nehemiah House in Little Rock serves as a prime example of how donations can make a significant difference. Justin Roberson, a graduate of the Nehemiah House program, shares his journey from a 20-year struggle with drug addiction to being two years sober. He attributes his transformation to the support provided by Nehemiah House and the charitable contributions of the community and local churches.

Roberson’s story illustrates the transformative power of belief, faith, and the support garnered through charitable acts. His experience serves as an inspiration and a beacon of hope for those in similar situations.

Jeremy Burton, Director of Residential Client Services at Nehemiah House, has witnessed the growing needs of those seeking help over his ten-year tenure. He expresses concern that the situation may worsen over time, emphasizing the importance of community support in addressing these challenges.

The Nehemiah House accepts various forms of donations, including clothes, food, and money. These contributions are vital for covering essential expenses like utilities and sustaining the programs that serve the community in Central Arkansas.

The Arkansas Community Foundation plays a crucial role in guiding potential donors. With a team of philanthropic advisors and donor services staff, the foundation provides assistance to those looking to make informed decisions about their charitable contributions or wishing to donate directly to their preferred non-profit.

This story highlights the crucial role of charitable giving in supporting non-profits, particularly in challenging times. As non-profits strive to meet increasing demands with limited resources, the generosity of individuals and communities becomes more essential than ever. It underscores the importance of every contribution, no matter its form, in making a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.

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