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Damgoode Pies is officially closing its doors this week



Little Rock, Arkansas – Damgoode Pies in Little Rock has announced that it will be closing its operations. This Wednesday, Nov. 22, marks the last day for the beloved pizza joint, ending its nearly two-decade presence in the region.

A Tough Decision for Damgoode Pies

The journey to this closure began with the shutting down of Damgoode’s original Hillcrest location on Oct. 30. Despite recent renovations at the Cantrell location, the decision has been made to close this final outlet as well, signaling the end of Damgoode Pies in central Arkansas. It’s noteworthy that the Fayetteville location, under different ownership and operation, remains open.

Jeff Trine, the founder of Damgoode Pies, shared a heartfelt video on Monday morning, detailing the reasons behind this tough decision. He cited the significant financial challenges faced in the post-COVID restaurant scene, including mounting debts that he is unwilling to increase. However, more personal reasons were at the core of his decision. Trine, now the father of a nearly 2-year-old daughter, expressed his unwillingness to miss more of her childhood for the sake of the business. This perspective shift highlights the often-understated personal sacrifices behind running a business, particularly in challenging times.

In his message, Trine expressed deep gratitude towards the staff and customers of Damgoode Pies, acknowledging their support and commitment throughout the years, especially during the recent difficult period. His appreciation for the community that built around Damgoode Pies was palpable, as he reminisced about the journey that lasted nearly 23 years.

A Rush of Last-Minute Orders

In light of the closure announcement, there has been a surge in orders from customers eager for one last taste of Damgoode Pies. The response has been overwhelming, with Trine noting that the influx of orders is “absolutely off the rails.” Consequently, no more orders are being taken for today, and customers are advised to place their online orders for tomorrow as early as possible.

This closure of Damgoode Pies not only marks the end of an era for the restaurant but also signifies the impact of changing life priorities and the challenging economic landscape on small businesses. While the community bids farewell to a beloved pizza spot, the legacy of Damgoode Pies and the memories it created for its patrons will undoubtedly endure in central Arkansas’s culinary history.

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