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Lawsuit filed against State Sen. Kevin Parker for alleged rape



New York City, New York – A significant legal action has been initiated against State Senator Kevin Parker, involving serious allegations of sexual misconduct dating back to 2004.

Olga Jean-Baptiste has filed a lawsuit against Sen. Parker, accusing him of raping her in her apartment. This alleged incident occurred while the two were collaborating on a project to provide aid to Haiti following severe flooding in 2004. The details of the lawsuit bring to light accusations that have remained unaddressed for nearly two decades.

The opportunity for Jean-Baptiste to seek legal recourse is a result of the Adult Survivors Act, passed in 2022. This act provides a one-year window for adult victims of sexual assault to file civil suits, regardless of the statute of limitations. The timing of this lawsuit is crucial, as the deadline set by this act falls on Thursday.

This lawsuit against Sen. Parker marks a significant moment, highlighting the long-term impact of sexual assault and the importance of legal avenues for survivors to seek justice, even years after the alleged incidents. The case is set to bring renewed attention to the issues of sexual violence and accountability, especially involving public figures.

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