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Match Day celebrated at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences



Little Rock, Arkansas – On Friday, the senior medical students at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences had their match day.

More than 100 seniors from the College of Medicine took part this year, and they were given residencies at some of the best institutions in the country.

157 UAMS seniors have been linked with esteemed programs through the National Resident Match Program.

87 seniors were given residencies in 26 different states, whilst 77 seniors were given residencies in Arkansas. an assurance of a first job following medical school and the first step toward obtaining a medical license.

“I feel like I’ve dreamed about this day for probably the last 10 to 15 years,” Brianna Long, a graduating senior said.

Many people say that arriving here wasn’t simple, but it was well worth the sacrifices made, and that today seems unreal.

“Just being able to be that person now that I’ve been looking up to, I’m excited,” Long said.

Additionally, students expressed that they are prepared for the next stage as this competitive process draws to a close.

“Being able to contribute to my community, to society as a whole, is one reason that I came into medicine,” Pamela Rosales, a graduating senior said.

Rosales, who is fortunate to be one of the 77 kids living close to home, hopes that her experience will encourage others.

“You can do it, all of us have done it today, and there’s hope for all of us,” Rosales said.


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