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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Indiana



In Indiana, the notion of a city being “dangerous” can be subjective and influenced by various factors. However, certain cities have historically shown higher crime rates. It’s essential to remember that crime statistics can change over time, and what might have been a reality years ago could be different today. Here’s a look at five cities in Indiana known for their higher crime rates in the past.


Gary has long faced economic challenges, which have played a significant role in its crime statistics. Known for higher crime rates compared to other Indiana cities, Gary’s situation underscores the complex relationship between economic health and public safety.


Indianapolis, being the state capital and the largest city in Indiana, naturally has diverse neighborhoods with varying crime rates. While some areas of Indianapolis are known for their safety and vibrancy, others have struggled with higher levels of crime.

South Bend

South Bend, despite its cultural and educational attractions, hasn’t been immune to crime. Certain areas in the city have historically experienced challenges with crime, although it’s important to note that this doesn’t define the entire city.


Part of the larger Chicago metropolitan area, Hammond shares some of the crime-related challenges with its neighboring city, Gary. Historically, Hammond has witnessed higher crime rates, a situation influenced by various socioeconomic factors.

East Chicago

East Chicago’s economic difficulties have been a major factor contributing to its crime rates. Like many urban areas facing economic struggles, some parts of East Chicago have historically seen higher crime rates.

While these cities have faced their share of challenges, it’s crucial to acknowledge that they also contain neighborhoods that are safe and thriving. Crime rates can vary significantly across different parts of a city, and efforts to improve safety and reduce crime are often in place. For the most current and accurate information on crime rates in these Indiana cities, consulting the latest statistics from local law enforcement agencies or reliable online sources is advisable. Remember, each city has its own story, and while crime is a part of it, these cities also offer rich histories, diverse cultures, and unique opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

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