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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Wyoming



Wyoming, known for its rugged landscapes and outdoor adventures, is home to 203 locations, of which 99 are incorporated. While the state generally boasts a violent crime rate almost half that of the national average, its property crime rate hovers around the national mean. This article delves into the five cities in Wyoming where crime rates are notably higher, offering a comprehensive view of the challenges these areas face.


Riverton, named for the four rivers meeting within its vicinity, was founded in 1906. The city, particularly Riverton East, has a violent crime rate over 50% higher than the national average. Residents here face a significantly higher likelihood of encountering violent crime – almost three times the state average. Additionally, Riverton’s crime rate per square mile starkly surpasses the state’s average.


Evanston, a small city near Wyoming’s southwest border with Utah, stands out for its high incidence of robberies. The violent crime rate in Evanston dramatically exceeds the state average, and while its property crime rate is somewhat higher than Wyoming’s average, it is still concerning. Crime per square mile in Evanston is nearly 40% above the state median, underscoring the severity of its crime issues.


Cheyenne, Wyoming’s largest city and capital, is located in the southeastern part of the state. Certain areas, like the historic district late at night and the southern part of town, are more prone to crime. The city experiences more violent crimes than the state average, highlighting safety concerns even in Wyoming’s most populous city.


In northeastern Wyoming lies Newcastle, a small city and the county seat of Weston County, perched on the edge of the Black Hills. The city’s rates of violent and property crime are generally on par with the state average. However, the risk of becoming a crime victim in Newcastle stands at 1 in 67. Fortunately, crime rates here have been on a downward trend.


Wheatland, situated more than 4,700 feet above sea level in southeast Wyoming, occupies just over four square miles. The town, known for hosting the Platte County Rodeo Fair, has witnessed a concerning rise in crime, particularly in property-related offenses. The town’s property crime rate is about 20% higher than the national average, with theft and burglary being the most common crimes. Alarmingly, Wheatland has experienced an increase in crime of over 10% from the previous year.

These cities reflect varying aspects of Wyoming’s struggle with crime. It’s important to note that crime rates are subject to change, and cities may implement measures to improve safety. For the most accurate and updated information on crime, consulting official reports and local law enforcement is recommended. Despite these challenges, Wyoming’s cities continue to offer unique experiences and attractions, drawing visitors and residents alike.

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