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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Illinois



In Illinois, the term “dangerous” when referring to cities can be misleading, as it often oversimplifies the complexities of crime-related issues. However, based on historical data, there are cities in Illinois that have been notable for their higher crime rates. This analysis, while taking into account the variability in crime rates over time, highlights the five cities that have frequently been mentioned for their heightened crime statistics.


Chicago, Illinois’ largest city, naturally experiences varied crime rates across its diverse neighborhoods. While some areas are relatively safe, others have historically faced higher crime rates, contributing to the city’s overall crime statistics.

East St. Louis

Located in southwestern Illinois, East St. Louis has endured economic hardships that have influenced its crime rates. This city has been frequently cited for its elevated crime levels, underscoring the link between economic challenges and public safety concerns.


Rockford, in northern Illinois, stands out for its crime rates, which have been higher than the state average. Efforts to improve community safety and address these issues are an ongoing focus in Rockford.


Peoria, situated in central Illinois, has faced its share of crime-related challenges, particularly in specific neighborhoods. This city’s struggle with crime is a reminder of the localized nature of safety concerns.


Springfield, the state capital with significant historical importance, has not been exempt from crime-related issues. Despite its rich history, certain areas in Springfield have experienced challenges with crime.

For the most accurate and recent information on crime rates in these Illinois cities, it is advisable to consult local law enforcement agencies and government websites. These sources provide updated data and insights into community safety initiatives and ongoing efforts to address crime. It’s important to remember that while these cities have faced challenges, they are also dynamic communities with ongoing efforts to improve safety and quality of life for their residents.

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