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Arkansas Schools for the Deaf and Blind will get new school buildings, according to Gov. Sarah Sanders



Little Rock, Arkansas – Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders unveiled plans to reconstruct the Arkansas Schools for the Deaf and Blind on Wednesday.

Parents began to voice concerns about health and safety at the schools four months ago. There were apparent foundation faults and even mold in the older structures.

The governor stated that she and the lawmakers have been collaborating to suggest new developments for the facilities ever since pictures of terrible situations went viral.

“We are going to prioritize student safety and happiness so that ASB and ASD will thrive as they were intended to,” said Governor Sanders.

While some buildings may have minor renovations, others can undergo complete demolition and replacement.

Griffin, a second-grader at the Arkansas School for the Blind, is the child of Patrick and Cary Smith. Griffin expressed his excitement about receiving new gear.

“You want the best for your kids and we finally feel like we are getting to that point,” said Patrick Smith.

The project has a $30 million budget allocated by the legislature.

“I see a school that’s state of the art. We want to keep our kids safe and have the best education,” said Robert Fagan, the Chairman of the school board.

The governor expressed her desire that work would start as soon as feasible, but she did not provide a schedule for when it will begin or finish.

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