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Pine Bluff Mayor delivers 2024 State of the City address



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – Shirley Washington, the mayor of Pine Bluff, gave her 2024 State of the City speech on Thursday.

She talked about several ways she wanted to see the city’s future improved.

Ways to lower crime, initiatives, funding for youth impact, and elevating Pine Bluff to a level of pride for both locals and visitors were just a few of the several subjects covered.

“I was glad to hear all these things that are improving the city of Pine Bluff,” an 18-year citizen said.

Mayor Washington addressed crime solutions in her 2024 strategy.

Among them was giving each patrol officer a take-home patrol car, which increased patrol visibility for the Pine Bluff Police Department.

“This benefits the entire community by increasing law enforcement viability,” Washington said.
She added that the patrol schedule for the officers will change from eight-hour shifts to ten-hour shifts.

“This helps with properly controlling the streets while also giving officers longer rest periods to maintain overall wellness,” Washington said.

Pine Bluff is also implementing the Group Violence Intervention Program to link young people with social services to prevent situations that escalate into violence, as they play a significant part in the city’s crime statistics.

Pine Bluff residents approved of the GVI program.

“Young people can have support where they don’t feel lost or they have to go to the gangs,” a citizen said.
In 2024, city park upgrades that combine crime reduction with urban beautification will raise everyone’s level of safety, visibility, and enjoyment.

Finally undergoing renovations is the former Plaza Hotel, which is attached to the Pine Bluff Convention Center. It will soon be the Mariott Courtyard.

“We cannot let the building crumble right next to our convention center,” Washington stated.
The topic of affordable housing was covered. The new Southeast Estates, according to the mayor, will give the city 120 reasonably priced apartments.

The former First Ward School will also house a homeless shelter.

The news that phase two of the Main Street redevelopment will start from 8th Avenue to the train lines also made the locals delighted.








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