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Arkansas Black Mayors Association addresses Pine Bluff persistent flooding issues



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – The Arkansas Black Mayors Association convened a town hall at the Pine Bluff Convention Center on Thursday, with a spotlight on the Pine Bluff persistent flooding issues. Mayor Shirley Washington of Pine Bluff spoke on the matter, outlining how these water-related problems have historically impacted the city.

According to Mayor Washington, Pine Bluff anticipates a significant injection of federal funds to the tune of 32 million dollars, marking the most substantial single-project funding the city has ever received.

Washington underscored the importance of Watershed Project Plans in combatting the widespread flooding that beleaguers numerous Arkansas communities. She expressed a keen interest in familiarizing the community with the project before implementing improvements.

Washington insisted on including residents in the decision-making process, saying, “We want them to be a part of the decision-making process, so that they have the buy-in, and they have the confidence in knowing that we are making a difference.”

She hopes that once a plan is put into motion, it will cater to the needs of the entire city.

The public comment segment of the meeting, however, saw homeowners presenting more questions than receiving answers.

Laura Wise, a Jefferson County resident who attended the meeting, detailed her eight-year struggle with persistent flooding on her nine-acre property. She recounted numerous instances of damage due to inadequate drainage in her area, such as broken concrete, a fallen shed, and constant malfunction of sub pumps.

Wise also disclosed having spent a total of $15,000 out of pocket for flood damage repair, on top of multiple insurance claims.

With the Watershed project, Wise hopes that the forthcoming funds are directed to homeowners like her, who are in dire need of assistance. She expressed optimism that this initiative would finally offer a tangible solution to the residents’ longstanding flooding issues.

The planned Watershed project is set to extend across 14 areas in the Eastern, Southeastern, Southern, and Southwestern regions of the state.

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